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About us

Herfølge Turistfart a/s was founded in 1929 by William Nielsen, who ran the taxi company Herfølge Lillebil with his wife Tove Nielsen.

Back then, the company had 3 taxis, which were later supplemented with buses. At that time, the 2nd generation took over the company – daughter and son-in-law Eli and Benny N. Larsen handled the daily operation after this, and the daughter had a strong desire for purple buses, which later turned out to be a strong brand at home and abroad.

​Today, the 3rd generation owns and runs Herfølge Turistfart a/s. Sister and brother Heidi and Heino N. Larsen are at the front, and they have modernised the company along the way, which means that we now live up to our customers' requirements regarding eco-friendliness and sustainability.​

Heidi and Heino have also created a new name, i.e.: Copenhagen Coach. An adaptation geared particularly for abroad, and with great success.

Today, we work in many areas: industry and commerce, schools, private, incoming, VIP as well as major conferences – as our motto has always been: WE HAVE A BUS FOR ANY PURPOSE.

Welcome to a very special transport company!​​

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Herfolge Turistfart A / S and Copenhagen Coach are a family-run company.

​We have 16 state-of-the-art tour buses that operate everywhere in the Netherlands and abroad.​

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Herfølge Turistfart A/S

Færøvej 4, 4681 Herfølge

CVR: 78804513

Phone: +45 56 27 40 89
​E-mail: info@herfoelge-turistfart.dk